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Only one thing on eBay today, but really worth a look. This is a LITTLE SOUND DJ KIT-LSDJ-CART PRO MODDED GAME BOY +CASE which is a great find for anyone interested in getting into chiptunes. See note below about the GB though.

Here’s some more on the listing:

LSDJ Cartridge

  • FULLY WORKING CART – SAVES NO PROBLEMS – NEVER LOST DATA (check the photo of it working!)


  • backlit clear prosound Gameboy (spares or repair)
  • 3.5mm output at lineout level, it sounds a lot cleaner the bass sounds better and it’s less affected by noise.
  • The speaker and original headphone jack are still present and functional. it’s fantastic for recording with.
  • The backlight is blue with a coool independant switch and turns on when you turn on the gameboy.

AS I WAS ABOUT TO LIST THIS I DROPPED IT! WONT SWITCH ON! cant work out what is wrong 😦


  • CASE

4Pockets to bring Stompbox to the iPad!

4Pockets, maker of Aurora Sound Studio are bringing their Windows Mobile app Pocket Stompbox to the iPad soon.

Excellent news and gives me some hope that they might also bring MeTeoR their multi-track to iOS as well.

iPads at the Apple Store
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New Kindle ad

Amazon’s new Kindle ad trashing the iPad, but you still can’t make music with it though. Clip to Evernote

Will Nokia’s new SDK put it on an equal footing with iOS and Android?

Nokia have announced a new Qt SDK for their series 40 Touch and Type phones. Qt is pre-installed on all new Nokia smartphones and downloadable to millions of smartphones people are already using.

“Using the Nokia Qt SDK to build their apps, developers will discover a complete, easy-to-use tool that brings a shortened workflow, simplified development and intuitive UI libraries resulting in 70 percent fewer lines of code, cutting creation time dramatically,” Nokia said in a statement.

For developers, Nokia has now enabled free Java and Symbian signing, in-app purchase, improved revenue share, and advanced developer analytics.

Nokia enabled developers to make in-app purchase, enabling a wide range of app pricing options in Ovi Store such as subscription models, micro-transactions, or “try and buy.”

So will developers take a look at Qt as another potential platform?

Any developers out there thinking about taking a look?

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KORG DS-10 PLUS: ‘Stairway’ By Anthony Seeha

DS-10+ on the DS

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Details of Music Hack Day Boston

Networked Music review has details of Music Hack Day Boston here. Clip to Evernote

Tom Gist “B.A.D” ipod touch music production history

I posted this via Facebook a couple of days ago but thought you might of missed it. It is quite long though.

iPod Touch at the Apple Store Clip to Evernote

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