iOS4.1, no horror stories?

I updated my 3G to 4.1 a couple of days ago and everything seems to be working fine. There’s a small performance improvement. Not huge, but about enough to make it workable again.

I haven’t heard any horror stories about 4.1 so far, so I’m assuming that no one is having real problems with it.


  1. I'm digging iOS4.1! My 3G seems a lot faster than it was before, and more stable too. However I have had a couple of teething problems, where my Mac can't find the backup scratch disc (I can't update any apps at the moment), and I now have a mystery 6gig “other” sitting on my phone (probably the back up?), leaving me with a measly 300mb spare storage. I've just done an command-option-p-r PRAM reset, because I'm sure that the file is sitting on my external HD, which has problems sometimes with mounting (DON'T buy those crappy WD usb pocket drives- they may look like a bargain, but they are CRAP!!). iOS4.1's fault? Maybe? Maybe not. We'll see…


  2. 1.I've tried to update my iphone on my PC.
    2.I had 5gb HD free space (not memory enought to do the update, but i did'nt knew that).
    3.The update went down.
    4.itunes took me 4.5 gb with the failed update (it's remains 540mb) before went down.
    5.I've decided to made the iOS update in another computer.
    6.Finnally i have the 4.1 iOS version but i still don't know were are my 4.5GB lost!
    7.I made an appointment at the genius bar in my near by Apple Store


  3. In my opinion, the sound quality between the dock connector and my Lexus has dramatically worsened since the 4.1 update. There are frequent audible clicks and pops and the overall sound quality seems to have taken a step back. The sound quality was terrific on 4.0 and noticeably worse on 4.1. I dont know if this affects all vehicles, all dock-enabled audio, or if its just my vehicle.


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