Loopseque video demo

I wrote a review of Loopseque a few days ago, and thought at the time it would be a good app to do a video of. So here it is.


iPads at the Apple Store

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InstantDrummer: Oasis

Sonoma releases another InstantDrummer app. Oasis, which is based on Discrete Drums Earthbeat Collection. This is a world beats collection.

I think I might need to take a closer look at this one.


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Amidio to release new drum app: FutuDrum

Amidio have announced a new drum app coming in Q4 this year. Here’s the detail from the Amidio site:

The highly advanced combined synth/sample engine of FutuDrum is capable of giving birth to millions of gorgeous, breathing, evolving percussive timbres, including dozens of carefully modelled darbukas, tablas, congas, bongos, djembes, frame and duff drums, cajons, taiko and many more.

FutuDrum can turn into almost any percussive instument in the world. Depending on player’s taste, FutuDrum can sound very close to natural or absolutely digital, allowing both realistic and never-heard-before percussive sounds.

The unique interface of FutuDrum utilizes a new interaction model, the result of careful research and endless experiments conducted with real percussionists. Faithfully tailored to any screen size, FutuDrum can be played with fingers on the smaller screens (iPhone and iPod Touch) and with palms on bigger screens (iPad).

Playing FutuDrum is extremely easy and fun for both exprerienced and novice percussionists thanks to it’s unprecedented playing surface, fantastic sound, live quantization options and built-in effects. FutuDrum also provides extended recording, overdubbing, exporting and audio sharing options.

The players are not limited to percussion and are welcome to produce melodic backgrounds for their drumming experiences using the same novel interface.

FutuDrum is planned to be released in the 4th quarter of 2010 as a universal binary for iPhone and iPad. Pricing is to be announced.

Great stuff, sounds like a good drum app to look forward to.


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iPod Touch and NanoStudio: Hard Nano


iPod Touch at the Apple Store

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Larry Mitchell demonstrates AmpliTube iRig on iPad

A very brief look at AmpliTube for the iPad in this video.


iPads at the Apple Store

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GyroSynth for the iPhone 4 video


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Looptastic HD review at iPad Creative

iPad Creative has a big (and I really mean big) review of Looptastic HD for iPad. If you don’t know this app then it is worth a read.

iPads at the Apple Store

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