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I missed a few days so here’s a bit of catching up to do. Here’s what I’ve got from eBy. To start with a TuneStudio for £1 (at the moment anyway).

Next a Bliptronic again at £1 at the moment.

Next a QY20 going cheap although it is faulty so it might suit a DIY’er.

Next a Phillips PMC100 Mini Synth.

A Line 6 MIDI Mobilizer, which seems to be becoming more useful as an increasing number of apps start to make use of it.

A Zoom PS-04.

And lastly a Zoom PS-02

iPhone Guitar “Hotel California”

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iPhone Guitar "Hotel California"

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A fantastic use of mobile music

Jay contacted me a couple of weeks ago about the workshops he’s been running. Please read this to find out more about what he’s doing:

Using handheld music devices, UK musician Jay Scrivener plans to run a series of music workshops working with young people with additional needs. Since meeting PixelH8 whilst studying music in college he has been looking at using items such as Nintendo DS’s, iPods, Gameboys and handheld synthesizers in the context of his music workshops.

“When I started the workshops I just used the conventional guitars, drums, bass and keyboards. However, I soon discovered that these were not accessible to everyone and in some cases they didn’t have enough interest or patience to learn them in the sessions.”

As well as conventional instruments Jay Scrivener now uses:

  • DS running either ‘AXE’, ‘Midi Jammer’ or ‘Masterstroke’
  • 2 GBA Micros running ‘Pro Performer’
  • 2 DMG Gameboys running either ‘Music Tech’ or ‘GB Electric Drum’
  • iPod running ‘Bebot’ or ‘Baby ‘Scratch’
  • 2 Stylophones
  • Korg Mini Kaoss Pad
  • and a portable Theremin into a Micro Orange Crush amp

“I have already used these devices with great success, the Theremin is great allowing young people to make sounds no matter how able they are. The DS has also gone down great, not just because it allows young people to play DS at school but because the player can feel confident playing with no musical experience, I can set the key and there away creating melodies on a platform they are comfortable on.

Using these devices also offers a great starting point for learning about music technology, in the workshops a demonstrate how speakers work as well as sound waves by using an oscilloscope.”
Jay Scrivener hopes to continue using handheld devices in his workshops and looking for suggestions on other handheld devices he can use in his workshop.

If you would like any more information or to get in contact please visit 

If you can think of any other cheap or free instruments or software that could help Jay, please get in touch with him at his site above.

Also, if you’re doing anything like this, or know of anyone who is, please get in touch as it would be great to know about your project and get it some publicity. Clip to Evernote

basic AVR sound looper/glitcher

Via Matrixsynth. Clip to Evernote

Xenon on iPod touch – 2-step garage demo

XENON Clip to Evernote

If C64 BASIC makes then maybe …

We might see this come back into the app store? to Evernote

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