The new version of Xenon has arrived and is now a universal app for iPad as well. If that wasn’t enough Xenon is also on sale for just $2.99!

If you missed Xenon when it first came out then you should really check it out now as it is a great music app for your iPhone or iPad.



  1. You can check out my demo with v1.5 here:

    Xenon sounds great, I am not sure how anyone would not like it! Maybe only someone who is not familiar with synthesis and can't create his own sounds.

  2. WTF are you talking about Dingle Dongle???

    Are you a rival developer, or something? Xenon in no way shape or form “sucks” and you're out of your mind if you really believe that.

    How about elaborating and giving us an example of an app that doesn't “suck so much”?

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