Hypebot has this piece on app downloads passing music in the not too distant future. So are apps the new rock and roll?



  1. Since I couldn't edit my comment I had to delete it for a stupid typo but here's what I said:

    Maybe I'm missing something in the short article but I don't see the number of music downloads going down, it seems obvious with the number of idevices that the amount of apps being downloaded would be increasing at the rate it is and surpassing music downloads. I don't think that that downloading your music from iTunes has ever been the most popular way to populate your iTunes music library, I think it's way too expensive with Apple getting the profit and the musicians only getting pennies per download. I don't buy music from Apple and I do acquire my music legally for less money than iTunes.

  2. I don't know why people think these things are even comparable. Even if they were, there is nowhere near the amount and quality of free music on the store as there are free apps.

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