Big Hexaphone update

Hexaphone has had a big update today. Here’s what’s new:

  • 24db Resonant Lowpass Filter – Use the tilt accelerometer like a wah-wah pedal! Check out the sick demo video on
  • Export raw audio via AudioCopy, or by copying an exported WAV file via iTunes document sharing! (Note that only the keyboard notes are exported – drum loops are not).
  • You can now share recordings with other Hexaphone users via email and download recordings from the web in iOS Safari (more info:
  • Layered recordings are now much more forgiving! If you want to start a layered recording, tap record anytime during the loop – the next time the loop counter goes to 1, you’re making a new layered recording!
  • Added 1 new Sound Patch (Bass Buzz) and 3 new Loops (Motown, Reggae and Boom-Chika). More patches and loops will be added in future releases!
  • Recording picker now includes featured recordings from
  • You can now rotate the screen orientation in the SETUP menu
  • Graphical issues while sliding have been fixed
  • Renamed Scales: “Major 2” is now “Major Chord”, and “Minor 2” is now “Minor Chord”
  • RetinaDisplay enhancements: new icon, and cleaned up scale graphics


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