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Screenshots of iSequence 2.0

If you’re looking forward to the new iSequence 2.0 check out these new screenshots showing what’s coming up.


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Big Hexaphone update

Hexaphone has had a big update today. Here’s what’s new:

  • 24db Resonant Lowpass Filter – Use the tilt accelerometer like a wah-wah pedal! Check out the sick demo video on http://hexaphone.com
  • Export raw audio via AudioCopy, or by copying an exported WAV file via iTunes document sharing! (Note that only the keyboard notes are exported – drum loops are not).
  • You can now share recordings with other Hexaphone users via email and download recordings from the web in iOS Safari (more info: http://hexaphone.com/recordings)
  • Layered recordings are now much more forgiving! If you want to start a layered recording, tap record anytime during the loop – the next time the loop counter goes to 1, you’re making a new layered recording!
  • Added 1 new Sound Patch (Bass Buzz) and 3 new Loops (Motown, Reggae and Boom-Chika). More patches and loops will be added in future releases!
  • Recording picker now includes featured recordings from hexaphone.com
  • You can now rotate the screen orientation in the SETUP menu
  • Graphical issues while sliding have been fixed
  • Renamed Scales: “Major 2” is now “Major Chord”, and “Minor 2” is now “Minor Chord”
  • RetinaDisplay enhancements: new icon, and cleaned up scale graphics


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The Daily eBay

Just a few things on ebay today. First off an AmpKit LiNK.

The a Line 6 MIDI Mobilizer for a reasonable price.

And lastly a monotron.

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Track made entirely out of NLog

I don’t know if I’ve posted this track before, but even if I have I liked the music, and it is made completely with NLog.

We all eagerly await Line6 MIDI Mobilizer compatibility with NLog and also NLog Pro!

9 comments on “What does "do not download any code" mean?”

What does "do not download any code" mean?

I’ve been wondering about since yesterday, and Manmio’s tweets about submitting a C64 version with BASIC made me wonder even more about this section of Apple’s new developer agreement:

In particular, we are relaxing all restrictions on the development tools used to create iOS apps, as long as the resulting apps do not download any code. This should give developers the flexibility they want, while preserving the security we need.

So what does it mean “do not download any code”?

Does that mean we might finally see some fun little development tools on the iPhone? Things like iziBasic and ViziBasic for the old Palm OS? Maybe Processing on the iPhone?

What do you think? 

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Yonac to make an announcement on the 15th

I’ve no idea what it will be about, but I’m hopeful for something amazing!

If you don’t know their apps they’ve made some great stuff for the iPhone and the iPad too, so let’s hope this is going to be really special!


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Promo Video for Xenon for iPad

Did you need convincing?


3 comments on “Hypebot on App downloads passing Music”

Hypebot on App downloads passing Music

Hypebot has this piece on app downloads passing music in the not too distant future. So are apps the new rock and roll?


2 comments on “For the space saving DIY’er”

For the space saving DIY’er

This is a great idea for keeping everything neat and portable. Via Make.


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Shruthi-1 Test Phase is complete

Mutable Instruments posts that the test phase for the Shruthi 1 is now complete, so kits coming soon!


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