Update on NLog Pro

I only just got to this whilst replying to comments and thought it would be really interesting to lots of people:

latency was always an issue for keyboard makers, many hundreds years ago mechanical church organs had a lot of latency 😉 Anyway, some years ago software synth were fighting same issues with sound card and audio driver latencies. Now this is solved in the desktop & laptop world. Doing the IOS MIDI part was quite tricky, but I believe that what I achieved is pretty much close to what it needs to be and it is really great to play. When the app comes out Line6 will be supported. Once I got an AKAI Synthstation that will be updated and every other interface which I can grab. The “NLog MIDI Synth” app will go in review this week and hopefully does not take too long…

The “NLog Synth PRO” app will be completed next. First release will be iPad only, later also for other IOS devices with arm7 CPUs.


That was from 2 days in comments on a previous post.

If you don’t know NLog synth you should check it out at the app store.




  1. MIDI is king! I love using my sequencer apps, but my ASR and MPC's are second to none. Music with more soul in it. Long live hardware and people that support them. My vision is getting clearer. Soon every keyboard app worth buying will have midi support. The iPad is coming along nicely, and is now paying for itself. Roll with it or get rolled over.
    Whining and complaining makes things happen!


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