Radar Beats Pro Video

There were a few comments asking about a video for this app. Well here’s one from the developer.

There’also a Radar Beats (non-pro) edition too now.

Radar Beats at the app store (£1.79 / $2.99)

Radar Beats Pro at the app store (£5.99 / $9.99)



  1. I'm sorry, but I don't get it. If I close my eyes and listen, and take my eyes off the psychedelic & colourful interface, well there isn't really a lot else going on is there? We've had these circular rhythm making interfaces before, but I've still to be convinced that they offer any real improvement over the tried and tested MPC-like or x0x-like interface. 59p? Yes, but not £5.99

  2. I bought this and it is interesting.

    The ability to overlap “radars” to make complex rythums and the effects and effects radars make it easy to come up with something complex.

    It looks like it would be fun to use live.

    The interface is a bit crazy. I get unhappy faces on the screen and am not sure why.

    The ability to save in groups and by a name is interesting as you could use them like the sub bank switches in Reason. To save varents of the same reason.

    I have to say it goes into the odd like Hexitone but is a lot of fun to use.

  3. they say its compatible with ios4.1 on g3 ipod touch but after spending 10 dollars on the app and I try to install it on my ipod touch which is a 3g version running ios4.1 it tells me it is not compatible
    what a waste of 10 bucks, not to mention there is no ability to contact them for support to find out if they plan to fix this issue

  4. Hi Neils,

    Did you try a “slide to power off” two button restart the ipod.

    I had to do this to my iphone to get it to start up.

  5. No that wnt work as it wont even install on my ipod
    any how I did a little bit of digging around turns out that the my 3g is really a 2g 32 gig .. who would have known Im sort of embarrassed now… a ben from radar emailed me trying to help me they have GREAT customer support support these guys if you can

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