Playing with Loopseque

When I first got hold of Loopseque I think I somewhat underestimated it. When I was playing with it on my iPad last night I started to realise how good it is. Sure, it isn’t a fully featured synth and sequencer that you can tweak with lots of features like audiocopy and the like.

However, where it is really good is that it is very simple and straightforward and I should think that it could be used by just about anyone. The concept is really simple. Every circle is a pattern,  there are 4 different channels, drums, bass, percussion and lead.

You switch patterns by simply dragging the pattern into the circular window and that’s it. In fact, I think it is probably quite hard to make something with Loopseque that doesn’t sound reasonable.

The fact that I ended up spending nearly an hour playing with it reminds me think that sometimes it is worth playing with something simple just for the fun of making music.

The app has a reasonable range of sound sets to use although you have to use the sounds in the set you’ve chosen and can’t mix and match. Also, there’s no way to record a performance and that would be nice to see in a future version with SoundCloud export or similar.

Having said that, as it stands, it is a good music making app based on a very simple idea and I should think that anyone could get to making music with it within a minute.

I think that apps like this are important because I’d love to see more people using their iDevices for creative pursuits, and apps like this one make that more of a possibility.


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