I think I’ve posted on this app before, but it has just had a fairly sizable update. Here’s what’s new:

  • Bubble Harp now makes music! press the note button in the toolbar to turn music on and off, and to change the musical scale and tempo.
  • Lines and points are smoothly antialiased.
  • App works properly with multitasking in iOS 4.
  • Massive speedup: to 100x in drawing.
  • HIgh-resolution drawing on iPhone 4 retina display (and future displays).
  • Saves and loads all parameters.
  • Tested on full range of iPhone, iPad, and iPhone devices.




  1. I miss the times when apps like this one were free. I can understand devs want to make some money, but I used to love trying weird apps like that one, but now that they cost something, even if its as low as 99c, I won't give them a try.

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