SongMaker video (you have to watch this)

I know a few friends who could do with this app. Luckily, they don’t read my blog!



  1. !!

    I didn't exactly have the best day at work so I was in a bit of a rotten mood when I came home…then I watched the first minute of that video.

    Five times.

    Holy HELL, that is funny.


  2. hahahahahahahaha …. I love this …. “I need you now baby, I need you now” sounding good ….. I'm gonna buy this and be a rock n roll star! You all can say …. wow, I know her from the Palm Sounds blog!

  3. I was hoping this was all just a big joke for a non-existing app and after the first round of singing, they guy said

    “what – you thougth anything could fix such a sucky track. Actually – no.”


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