According to Gadgetlab. Which they say means it is likely to be a mainstream flop against the iPad. Sadly I have to agree. It is a real shame as the Galaxy was shaping up to be a bit more like an iPod Touch for Android, but at that price it won’t come close.


  1. Do Not Want. 400usd-500usd ok. I was reading some Arduino PDFs on my iPad last night and thank got for the screen size. Anything less might get me frustrated.

  2. For that price I would expect something that can run Cubase, Ableton Live and Photoshop, not just some modified Android.

  3. Kind of strange that Apple is the one with the reputation for overpriced stuff, but so far no one's been able to produce something that competes with the Touch or the iPad on price.

  4. @Anonymous

    If you look in those Chinese or Indian stores you'll find plenty of products with the same specs but for a quarter of the price. I bought something that looks like a Shuffle for 15$ last year, 15$ taxes one from Apple.

    Unfortunately, you won't ever find those products in chain store…

  5. Analysts have broken down the cost of the iPad: $260 on the $500 model. The bill of materials for the Galaxy Tab is not going to be much different from the iPad — if anything a bit less because of the smaller 7″ screen and Samsung produces many of their own parts.

    So what is the source of this rumor? A pre-release speculator listings on the Amazon Germany site and similar listings elsewhere in Europe. These are not product announcements.

    But wait, a Samsung executive told the Wall Street Journal $200-$300 subsidized price and that they plan to ship 10M units in the next year.
    That statement certainly doesn't jibe with this wild rumor.

    That would put the unsubsidized price of the Galaxy Tab similar to $500-$600 price of unsubsidized high end smartphones and the iPad 3G.

    Then let's consider the competitive situation that Galaxy Tab will be entering. Of course Apple has their iPad 3G at $630 and up. Many other vendors are preparing Android 2.2 capacitive tablets: Toshiba, LG, Viewsonic, Hannspree.

    Let's see, who would it benefit to create a rumor like this? Please do some journalism before reposting nonsense like this.

  6. Johnny, do they have something that competes with the Touch and Ipad though? The shuffle I understand, but why are there no Android Touches or Ipads? A contract for a tablet on top of a contract for a cellphone will be VERY expensive. Where is their no-3G no-contract option? It doesn't make sense to me that no one is doing this if the components are as cheap as people claim.

  7. @Anonymous

    They do have “Android Touches or Ipads”. Tablets are usually in the 200-300$ ranges, but some of them are really cheap (ie not that great, but functionnal for the internet), and they're more rare at the moment, but they will have more of them as more people will want them.

    ..heck even Kmart sold a tablet for 150$ this year 😛

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