Radar Beats Pro arrives

A new beats app has arrived on the app store today, and it looks very interesting indeed. Here’s the app’s description.

Radar Beats Pro is the premiere way to create beats on your iPhone or iPod touch.
With over 15 effects, and over 150 samples, there is lots to exlore in Radar beats.
Export your beats and Import new samples via copy/paste. Create new music and experiment with Radar beats pro!




  1. Sorry, I know you keep mentioning putting in the prices, and I just keep forgetting. I'm going to have to think of a way to make myself remember to do it!

  2. This looks interesting and complex but I thought it was odd that there was no company name or URL to find oout more.

    It looks like a beat app mixed with layers and a synth pond interface. Which would be cool.

    But for $10 I would like to know more.

  3. not a whole lot of info on their blog site and the audio samples wont play for me. looks kinda cool but I'm with anonymous…for 10 bucks I wanna see a video or website. Something that lets me know they'll be around when it comes time for an update.

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