Chordica is currently free

This app is currently free in the app store so you might want to check it out.  Here’s the app’s description:

Using a revolutionary approach to crafting a musical instrument on a portable device, only made possible by the technologies put together by Apple, the Chordica is set to change the way the world plays accompaniment music.

With it, you will:

  • Learn to play music in just a few hours despite having no musical background
  • Be able to play the accompaniment for thousands of popular songs
  • Have a handy instrument anywhere you go
  • Increase the chances of writing the next big music hit while on the move 🙂

Folks are calling the Chordica genuinely innovative, an example of simple but creative programming, a nice little app and a great start. One reviewer even said, “I plan on doing a great deal with it”.

What’s new

  • NeuMET1K : A new beats rack that allows you to play the metronome with drums and percussion sounds
  • iNSTRUMENTS : A rack that allows you to select different sounds for the Bass and Harmony sections


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