11 comments on “SongMaker video (you have to watch this)”

SongMaker video (you have to watch this)

I know a few friends who could do with this app. Luckily, they don’t read my blog!



3 comments on “Update on SynthStation at Thomann (UK)”

Update on SynthStation at Thomann (UK)

Quick update. Just had an email back from Thomann who have confirmed that the Akai SynthStation is due to be with them on the 10th of September!

I’ll be checking in with other retailers tomorrow to see if they’re getting stock too.


4 comments on “iOS 4.1 appears in the US”

iOS 4.1 appears in the US

MacRumors posts that iOS4.1 has arrived. Anyone upgraded yet? Any early opinions? I’m going to upgrade my aging 3G and see if it makes a difference.


3 comments on “4th Gen iPod Touch Unboxing Picks”

4th Gen iPod Touch Unboxing Picks

MacRumors has unboxing pictures of the new 4th Gen Touch. They also have some initial review comments here.

Apple 4th Gen iTouch at the Apple Store.


3 comments on “Electrify documentation now online”

Electrify documentation now online

If you’ve been having a little trouble getting your head into Electrify’s interface then help is now at hand as the documentation is now online here.



0 comments on “Rytmik Rock Edition coming”

Rytmik Rock Edition coming

Rytmik Rock Edition for DSi is coming soon according to the developer. Details available here.


0 comments on “The Daily eBay”

The Daily eBay

Only a few things to show up today from eBay. To start with a QY100 going very cheap, but I can’t tell you much about it as the listing is in German.

Also, a QY70 which seems to be in very good condition.

Then a bunch of iRig’s. The first iRig is on for £29.99, the next iRig is on for less with a small shipping fee but is still cheap and there’s 2 of them. The last iRig is the most expensive, but if you’re desperate and the others have all gone then it isn’t too much more.

That’s all for today.


7 comments on “Radar Beats Pro arrives”

Radar Beats Pro arrives

A new beats app has arrived on the app store today, and it looks very interesting indeed. Here’s the app’s description.

Radar Beats Pro is the premiere way to create beats on your iPhone or iPod touch.
With over 15 effects, and over 150 samples, there is lots to exlore in Radar beats.
Export your beats and Import new samples via copy/paste. Create new music and experiment with Radar beats pro!



0 comments on “Chordica is currently free”

Chordica is currently free

This app is currently free in the app store so you might want to check it out.  Here’s the app’s description:

Using a revolutionary approach to crafting a musical instrument on a portable device, only made possible by the technologies put together by Apple, the Chordica is set to change the way the world plays accompaniment music.

With it, you will:

  • Learn to play music in just a few hours despite having no musical background
  • Be able to play the accompaniment for thousands of popular songs
  • Have a handy instrument anywhere you go
  • Increase the chances of writing the next big music hit while on the move 🙂

Folks are calling the Chordica genuinely innovative, an example of simple but creative programming, a nice little app and a great start. One reviewer even said, “I plan on doing a great deal with it”.

What’s new

  • NeuMET1K : A new beats rack that allows you to play the metronome with drums and percussion sounds
  • iNSTRUMENTS : A rack that allows you to select different sounds for the Bass and Harmony sections



0 comments on “MacWorld Mobile to be hosted by Mobile World Congress”

MacWorld Mobile to be hosted by Mobile World Congress

GSMA, has partnered with IDG World Expo, who organize Macworld, for this event, which will be about iOS software. Macworld Mobile will be for developers working with the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The event is scheduled for Feb. 14-17, 2011, in Barcelona.

“We’re excited to bring Macworld Mobile to Mobile World Congress,” said Mary Dolaher, chief executive officer of IDG World Expo. “Macworld is known around the world for helping to drive and stimulate the Apple products community with educational programs and business development activities. At Mobile World Congress, we will help international iOS developers to strengthen their skills, as well as facilitate connections with other developers and the worldwide audience of mobile decision makers who attend.”


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