Zac Baird (with KoЯn) and his Korg monotron

Hmm, I think I’ve heard better things made with a Monotron.


  1. And so we're reminded that just because it's 'analog' doesn't make it good– most Monotron videos I've seen/heard are absolutely horrible, indeed.

    Seems to me that there's infinitely more value in even a 99 cent app on an iPod Touch than with these things. Even a free one like TOPLAPapp crushes the Monotron as a noisemaker, and has way more sonic variation, too…

  2. hmm maybe palma sounds could do a roundup of best monotron vids? 🙂

    seen some good ones, the best seem to use it monotron subtly, i am thinking of one involving tara analog suicide

    and of course bret domino lady gaga springs to mind

    any other recommends?


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