Computer Music Special: 101 Amazing Apps

I often check the main music tech publications for information on mobile application and their coverage has been growing over the last few years which is encouraging. So I was really pleased to find out about Computer Music’s Special ‘101 Amazing Apps‘.

As a special edition this is a not only a good round up of a lot of useful apps but also has some really good features, like a step by step guide to TouchOSC on the iPad, a getting started guide to NanoStudio, simple synths in Sunvox, record and sample with Reforge, and working with patterns in iElectribe,

There’s a multi-page spread on Richie Hawtin and Griid, and a useful section on headphones which is making me think of buying a pair of Audio Technica ATH-M35‘s which came out well and are quite reasonably priced.

It also has a section on Android apps which I personally found handy as I’m still getting to grips with my first Android device and so far have only found a handful of useful apps.

There’s a section on alternative platforms which covers the GB/DS, Palm and PSP briefly and includes the apps you’d expect like Bhajis etc.

Their netbook test was interesting to me too as netbooks are something I’ve been sitting on the fence over for a long time now and CM tested a few and included a section on how to optimise your netbook as well.

So overall I was impressed by the publication. Is it worth the £6 cover price? For me yes. Whilst in terms of iOS apps there weren’t any apps I hadn’t heard of some of the ‘how-to’ stuff was good to read and as I said before the Android pages were very handy as I’m still getting to grips with app discovery in Android.

I also loved the back cover. Spot your favourite app?

PS. Thanks to everyone who emailed or contacted me to let me know about this publication.


  1. But we all know what the greatest apps are. Why do we need a specially over priced magazine, just to tell us this all over again? 😕


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