Anyone getting a new iPod Touch?

Is anyone getting a new iPod Touch? If you are I’d really like to hear about your experience with it and what you think of it. Especially audio quality and that camera too!


  1. I might update my touch 2G, mostly because the new one has a mic and its going to be nice to play with apps like Wivi band without using headphones/mic adapters. But I'm not certain yet (I've been wanting a Deopfer ribbon controller for a while).


  2. I was going to but I got a free 8gb 2G touch with my wife's laptop. There are definitely some pluses to upgrading but 90% of everything works great on this 2G. If anything I may just upgrade to the iPad despite the large price difference. While losing portability there is a lot more you can do with the bigger screen and i could just keep my ipod touch for portability.


  3. Am sorely tempted to upgrade from my current 3rd generation touch, as much as it's just an incremental refresh. Too many tempting feature additions to pass up on – I was one of those 2nd gen touch owners who'd sold in lieu of the 3rd gen having a video camera (to archive my first borns day to day development) only to be slightly letdown by the absence of any (still didn't stop me purchasing the 64GB 3rd gen). More RAM and a speedier prossy ; retina display ; mic ; front & rear cams – only letdown with 4G is that they didn't increase the storage to 128GB. Still wonder if I should hold off and wait to see if they will announce a 7″ iPad ahead of Xmas.


  4. Hold off until christmas dude unless of course you are one of those “i must buy the latest mac product” type fanboys like you have previously described yourself


  5. I've got a 3rd gen touch, and I agree the mic adapter thing is an annoyance, but I got a 64GB iPad a few months ago. The retina display and built in mic would be good, but I have these devices solely for the music creation apps so 'giant iPod Touch' was actually just what I needed. If my touch's battery life gets significantly worse before the end of the year I would consider a 4th gen touch, as a battery is $100 on it's own.


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