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Computer Music Special: 101 Amazing Apps

I often check the main music tech publications for information on mobile application and their coverage has been growing over the last few years which is encouraging. So I was really pleased to find out about Computer Music’s Special ‘101 Amazing Apps‘.

As a special edition this is a not only a good round up of a lot of useful apps but also has some really good features, like a step by step guide to TouchOSC on the iPad, a getting started guide to NanoStudio, simple synths in Sunvox, record and sample with Reforge, and working with patterns in iElectribe,

There’s a multi-page spread on Richie Hawtin and Griid, and a useful section on headphones which is making me think of buying a pair of Audio Technica ATH-M35‘s which came out well and are quite reasonably priced.

It also has a section on Android apps which I personally found handy as I’m still getting to grips with my first Android device and so far have only found a handful of useful apps.

There’s a section on alternative platforms which covers the GB/DS, Palm and PSP briefly and includes the apps you’d expect like Bhajis etc.

Their netbook test was interesting to me too as netbooks are something I’ve been sitting on the fence over for a long time now and CM tested a few and included a section on how to optimise your netbook as well.

So overall I was impressed by the publication. Is it worth the £6 cover price? For me yes. Whilst in terms of iOS apps there weren’t any apps I hadn’t heard of some of the ‘how-to’ stuff was good to read and as I said before the Android pages were very handy as I’m still getting to grips with app discovery in Android.

I also loved the back cover. Spot your favourite app?

PS. Thanks to everyone who emailed or contacted me to let me know about this publication.


4 comments on “Zac Baird (with KoЯn) and his Korg monotron”

Zac Baird (with KoЯn) and his Korg monotron

Hmm, I think I’ve heard better things made with a Monotron.


0 comments on “Looptastic Producer and HD Promo Code Give Away CLOSED”

Looptastic Producer and HD Promo Code Give Away CLOSED

Thanks to everyone who entered the promo code give away  for Looptastic Producer and Looptastic HD. To competition is now closed.

Promo codes will be going out this evening.

If you don’t know Looptastic HD or Producer, then check them out at the app store by clicking below.



9 comments on “Anyone getting a new iPod Touch?”

Anyone getting a new iPod Touch?

Is anyone getting a new iPod Touch? If you are I’d really like to hear about your experience with it and what you think of it. Especially audio quality and that camera too!


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Music Studio on iPad – I’ll Fly with You



0 comments on “The Daily eBay”

The Daily eBay

Some rarities on ebay today. Starting with a Nanoloop cart 1.3 for Gameboy.

And as if that wasn’t enough, a Nanoloop 1.5 cart as well.

The a casio VL-5 which appears to have a few problems which is probably why it is going cheap.

The a Zoom PS-04.

A Yamaha SU10.

And an iRig which seems quite cheap.


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Rytmik Live Jam #2

More Rytmik examples on the DSi


0 comments on “Bluetooth NES controller for Android”

Bluetooth NES controller for Android

I know that this isn’t a mobile music story really, but it is good to see Amarino (which is on my to do list) getting used.


3 comments on “NanoStudio on iPod touch – four synths plus 909”

NanoStudio on iPod touch – four synths plus 909

Nice little NanoStudio track.



0 comments on “Google’s Music Service to launch before Christmas?”

Google’s Music Service to launch before Christmas?

Mashable has this post on the much rumoured music service from Google. From what they say it sounds like it will be very closely coupled with Android, which would be a good thing I think, especially if they can couple apps and app discovery into the service to make it easier to find apps for Android (which is only going to get more difficult over time).


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