Doctor Popular & Unwoman – Moebius Strip Tease

Nanoloop running on an iPad.



  1. I liked the video too.

    I'd be worried about my iPad shutting down in the sun mid-performance though. Just sitting out on my back porch, even if it isn't super warm, direct sun is sometimes enough to make it shut down with a heat warning.

    I wonder how iPads do in a hot sweaty club? Both the heat thing, and the touchscreen with lots of sweat dripping off your hands.

  2. Lol, the chances in the UK are pretty darned slim! I think i once got a warning when using sat nav software with the iphone on the dashboard in the sun and plugged in to charge.

  3. Interesting, maybe I just had bad luck or have a sensitive one. Never been a problem with the Iphone but happened the first time I took the Ipad out back after like 5 mins. East Coast USA, wasn't a particularly hot day. I've played out west at desert parties and Burning Man, so my first thought was “well, that's not going to happen”.

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