Akai SynthStation (not really an) update

Once again I thought I’d check on the Akai SynthStation25 Keyboard again to see what was happening.

  • DolphinMusic in the UK has the availability status of the Akai SynthStation to “Reserve Order Now or Call for ETA, so no change there. The price quoteed is still £79.99.
  • Amazon have the SynthStation listed as ‘temporarily out of stock’, which doesn’t tell me anything really.
  • Musician’s Friend in the US still has the Akai SynthStation25 listed as available from the 28th of September, and says “PRE-ORDER”. The price remains at $99.
  • And lastly Music123 still says Akai SynthStation25Availability: Oct 5th. Order now to reserve yours!” at $99.

So, no real update after more than a week now. That’s a shame.



  1. With more and more support pledged for MIDI mobilizer I'm wondering if Akai have left it too late now. There are quite a few battery powered midi keyboards out there with more features for a similar price (excluding the cost of the midi mobilizer admittedly). Akai's best hope, IMHO, is that they've cracked the iphone 4 compatability and maybe even include an extension cable to hook up the iPad.


  2. why bother checking at this point? it's not happening…

    they probably realized that this has all come out about a year and a half too late to be profitable (given likely iphone 4 compatability problems, the software looks like a joke next to other programs like nanostudio).

    Incidentally, has anyone else noticed that the synthstation interface looks like iSyn with a different “skin”? Is there some connection between the two apps?


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