You might have missed

As it is Sunday again here’s a few things you might have missed during the week.

Will Ping go beyond music?

Although it is fair to say that Apple’s Ping network hasn’t had the best of starts I wonder where Apple would actually like to go with Ping.

Will Ping be extended to go beyond just music and enter the other media types that iTunes contains? Will Ping be used for film, TV, podcasts and even apps?

But what would Apple gain from it? Without connecting Ping to the outside world it’ll Ping is pretty useless. I think that’s the general view at the moment. So will Ping be another experiment from Apple. So far their attempt at a social network has been fairly anti-social.

So does a social network from Apple actually make any sense? As a company they don’t really behave in a very social way. They keep their plans very secret and they don’t take criticism well. So why create a ‘social network’ in the first place? My guess it that it is one of two possible plans.

  1. Simple it is an experiment from Apple, like the video camera in the last nano and the lack of physical controls on the last shuffle.
  2. It is part of a larger plan and something I just can’t see at the moment.

Personally I go for 1 at the moment, but with Apple, who knows.

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