BillBoard Best App Awards

Here’s what’s in the BillBoard App awards. Does is seem a bit thin on actual apps?

Best Artist App
Linkin Park 8-Bit Rebellion by Artificial Life, Inc. in conjunction with Warner Bros. Records
I Am T-Pain by Smule
TouchChords: Jimmy Vaughan by Curious Brain

Best Music Streaming App
Rhapsody by Rhapsody
Thumbplay by Thumbplay, Inc.

Best Touring App
Live Phish by
R5 by Ticketfly
Bonnaroo by Aloompa

Best Music Creation App
LaDiDa by Khush, Inc.
AmpliTube iRig by IK Multimedia
MorphWiz by Wizdom Music

Best Music Engagement App
Tap Tap Revenge 3 by Tapulous
SoundHound Infinity by Soundhound, Inc
Mix Me In2 Taylor Swift by Fried Green Apps

Best Branded Music App
50s Sound Lab, Vitamin Water by Skyrockit
ZOOZbeat Sprite by ZOOZ Mobile, Inc.
Gibson Learn & Master Guitar by Gibson Guitar

As for the music creation apps, it does look very odd indeed. Not that there’s anything wrong with the 3 apps in there, but I do wonder how they got their list?


  1. Cocaine and prostitutes. Does anyone care what those washed up old media has-beens think? Of anything they claim to have the authority to rate I can't think of one they have less actual authority in than music apps. I would care more what Pitchfork thought, but not nearly as much as I care what this blog or CDM thought.

  2. Developer here. I don't have the e-mail anymore, but it really was pay-to-play for the music creation category. The e-mail was asking developers to submit there apps for a huge fee (a few hundred dollars). Then they said they would pick 3. Personally, I don't think this “competition” is the best way to spend marketing money…

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