SoundYeah review

Good little demo of SoundYeah. An app worth checking out. Thanks to Doc Pop for his video!


Vox 3000 Lite arrives

Retronyms have released a free version of their lovely little Vox 3000 app. Vox 3000 lite is exactly the same as the original, but is iAd supported.


SynthPad Promo Code Give Away

I have 10 promo codes to give away for SynthPad which I wrote about yesterday. To get a chance at winning a code just answer this question.

How many oscillators does SynthPad have?

Email your answer to by 6:30pm GMT tomorrow the 4th of September.

Please remember that promo codes only work in the US app store.


Beaterator update

I’m not really sure why this app has been updated as it was a real disappointment when it came out compared to the original Beaterator for PSP, which, although I never used (I don’t have a PSP), was apparently great.

If you’ve ever thought about getting this app on your iPhone then don’t! But if you have a PSP I’m told it is worth checking out.

(rant over)

The Daily eBay

A few things that might be of interest to you on ebay today. To start with a QY70 which is going quite cheaply by normal standards.

Next a Bugbrand Weevil 08 which don’t come up too often.

Next a very cheap copy of DS-10 for the DS which you might want if you’re getting excited about Detune’s M01 for the DS coming late this year.

A copy of electroplankton for the DS.

A Pocket Music Cart.

And lastly, a Kaossilator bag or rather a bunch of these are available.

Remote for Garageband is now free

If you’re a GarageBand user you might want to check out this controller app as it went free as of yesterday.


SoundCloud app update

SoundCloud’s iPhone app gets a nice update:

  • horizontal player with larger waveform
  • leave timed comments in horizontal player
  • increased the streaming buffer size (please continue to let us know how the streaming performs for you)


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