2 comments on “SoundYeah review”

SoundYeah review

Good little demo of SoundYeah. An app worth checking out. Thanks to Doc Pop for his video!



2 comments on “Vox 3000 Lite arrives”

Vox 3000 Lite arrives

Retronyms have released a free version of their lovely little Vox 3000 app. Vox 3000 lite is exactly the same as the original, but is iAd supported.


0 comments on “SynthPad Promo Code Give Away”

SynthPad Promo Code Give Away

I have 10 promo codes to give away for SynthPad which I wrote about yesterday. To get a chance at winning a code just answer this question.

How many oscillators does SynthPad have?

Email your answer to palmsounds.comp@me.com by 6:30pm GMT tomorrow the 4th of September.

Please remember that promo codes only work in the US app store.



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Beaterator update

I’m not really sure why this app has been updated as it was a real disappointment when it came out compared to the original Beaterator for PSP, which, although I never used (I don’t have a PSP), was apparently great.

If you’ve ever thought about getting this app on your iPhone then don’t! But if you have a PSP I’m told it is worth checking out.

(rant over)


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The Daily eBay

A few things that might be of interest to you on ebay today. To start with a QY70 which is going quite cheaply by normal standards.

Next a Bugbrand Weevil 08 which don’t come up too often.

Next a very cheap copy of DS-10 for the DS which you might want if you’re getting excited about Detune’s M01 for the DS coming late this year.

A copy of electroplankton for the DS.

A Pocket Music Cart.

And lastly, a Kaossilator bag or rather a bunch of these are available.


0 comments on “Remote for Garageband is now free”

Remote for Garageband is now free

If you’re a GarageBand user you might want to check out this controller app as it went free as of yesterday.



0 comments on “SoundCloud app update”

SoundCloud app update

SoundCloud’s iPhone app gets a nice update:

  • horizontal player with larger waveform
  • leave timed comments in horizontal player
  • increased the streaming buffer size (please continue to let us know how the streaming performs for you)



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Korg microKey

MusicRadar writes briefly on the new Korg microKey controller which looks very nice and a bit of a step up from the nanoKey.

Specs to far:

  • USB MIDI keyboard – thin, lightweight, and USB-powered
  • 37 velocity-sensitive mini keys
  • Comfortable and easy-to-play Natural Touch keyboard
  • Octave Shift and Key Transpose features access the full MIDI note range
  • Pitch Bend and Modulation wheels add expression to your performance
  • Dual USB ports are ideal for adding Korg’s nanoPad or nanoKontrol
    (or other USB devices) to your setup


3 comments on “CDM on Critter and Gitari’s $150, Battery-Powered Pocket Piano”

CDM on Critter and Gitari’s $150, Battery-Powered Pocket Piano

Pocket Piano from Critter and Guitari on Vimeo.



0 comments on “Handmade Music Austin”

Handmade Music Austin

Matrixsynth has details of Handmade Music Austin which sounds like a good event if you can get to it.


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