webOS 2.0 out to developers

There’s been a bunch of webOS news over the last few days, some about the new 2.0 SDK and some about possible new devices from HP/Palm.

On the SDK side there was a note in the AppleInsider post on “PDK Plug-ins: Developers can now mix Web technologies and C/C++ components in a single app, allowing applications with logic easily ported from other platforms.”

I don’t know if this means that there’s potential for audio and music apps to be ported from other platforms? I do hope that at some point webOS can gain some ground as I still have a soft spot for old Palm.

On the device side TekGoblin posted these pictures. Although the actual devices are blanked out it gives you some idea of form factor. The one that interested me most was the watch strap thing.

I remember that ages ago there were wrist based PDA devices from Fossil, but they were huge and made it hard for you to lift your arm! I wonder if HP/Palm are looking at that kind of thing again?


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