A synth app that is inspired by the Kaossilator! Here’s the write up:

SynthPad is an instrument inspired by the interface of the Korg Kaossilator family of devices. Instead relying on piano keys to register notes, SynthPad uses a dedicated touch surface to control the sounds. Additionally the Y-Axis on the touch surface can be used to control different parameters, like filter cutoff and LFO values, making it an extremely expressive little toy.

Its sound engine is a fully programmable monophonic virtual analog synthesizer. Among its parameters one can find:

  • 2 oscillators with different wave shapes
  • Fine tuning of the second oscillator
  • Volume Envelope
  • LFO modulation
  • A Low-Pass filter
  • Filter Envelope
  • Arpeggio

Additionally, the scale and the key on the touchpad surface can also be configured, making this instrument ideal for live improvisation.




  1. Doesn't every synths that uses a X/Y controller surface could also be labeled with “inspired by the Kaossilator”?

    Can this app record what you're doing like the Kaossilator?

  2. Hey Johnyg0… I'm the developer of SynthPad and yep, you are right, every synth that uses X/Y could be inspired by the Kaossilator..

    About recording, not yet, although I'm submiting an update this weekend with a long delay that will allow to do loops.

    Recording on the kaossilator style is a planned feature, but not done as of yet.

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