SoundYeah for iPad released

I posted on SoundYeah before and it is now released for the iPad. Here’s the app’s description:

Record sounds and play them back with various effects.

***You may experience problem saving your sound, but it will be fixed in the next update released within a week.


  • click any empty slot to record
  • record using built-in mic
  • record using headset
  • record using custom cable*
  • record from the sound played on SoundYeah
  • use the “in vol” slider to control the line-in volume, use this to avoid feedback noise.

Play (switch to control mode by the bottom left button):

  • tap to play once
  • two finger click to loop
  • three finger click to stop
  • wind clockwise to play forward (scratching!!!)
  • wind anti-clockwise to play backward
  • drag out to loop in custom speed

Control (switch to play mode by the bottom left button):

  • drag the circle to adjust the play region (can drag both end simultaneously)
  • tap to play once
  • two finger click to loop
  • three finger click to stop


  • vol slider: control volume
  • speed slider: activate loop and set speed
  • beat slider: activate beat and set beat
  • utility:

copy: copy the data in the playback envelope. The empty slot will display “paste”, the system will go back to normal in 5 seconds.
all: reset the playback region
trim: trim the clip inside the playback region, and release memory. *** The volume setting will be applied to the trimmed clip, using this trick can increase the volume infinitely.
del: delete a slot (without further warning)
– the settings will be remained when you change from edit mode to playmode


  • Sound Yeah stores 120 seconds of 32bit floating point data, at 44100 Hz.
  • (Due to the unstable performance, the memory will be adjusted to 60 seconds in the next update version)
  • Sound and slider setting saved automatically when turn off



  1. Why can't these kind of programs be made for a windows touch screen? It would be more suited to handle the computations, and maybe allow more than 120 seconds, more effects, more patching.


  2. They could be made for windows, but Apple doesn't really like cross-platform code, so most IOS apps are coded in a way that makes it really complicated to use on other platforms (noted exceptions are Nanostudio and Sunvox, which you can use in Windows or OSX).

    In the meantime, you can use any music/audio software and plugins on a touchscreen, and it works pretty well even if they have not been optimized for the touch experience.


  3. @Palm Sounds

    I played with Ableton Live and Fuityloops on a touchscreen monitor, since then I want to get one (like the 10 inch Mimo, about 250$). The only thing is you have to manage windows/colums resizing, but still you should really give it a try if you have a chance.

    Many good things are out right now, but most people just doesn't see them or know about them… until Apple digs it out and mass advertise them 🙂


  4. You're right Johnny, some stuff is a lot harder to find these days, but worth getting there.

    Also there's too many manufacturers going after what Apple have done with 'me to' tablets, and that isn't good for anyone, it just confuses consumers.

    More innovation is what I want to see


  5. @Palm Sounds

    I totally agree with your “me too” comment. A lot of the new ones coming up tries too much to catch the ipad feel with less buttons and external ports. Fortunately not all of them are going that way :). I wish the Motion Computing or Tabletkiosk guys would build something for the sub-1000$ market.

    What I would really like to see is a tablet that can run every OS, Windows, IOS, Webos, Android, OSX, all of them, even if it requires some elbow grease.

    And I think the next true innovation in tablets will be tactile feedback, but I don't know when we'll see that.


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