When I was contacted by the developer of this app I was a little skeptical about it, but once I’d downloaded it and played with it for a while I was actually quite surprised at how much I liked it.

iMixItUp isn’t so much an app as the beginnings of a platform for musicians to get their tracks into the iPhone in a similar way to RJDJ although with iMixItUp you don’t need to use Pd, you just need to contact the developer.

At the moment there’s only 3 tracks in the app but I found playing around with them good fun and used it for a lot longer than I expected to.

I think that iMixItUp could be a good platform if you want to get your music into iOS so take a look and get in touch with the developers at

Here’s the app’s description:

iMixItUp transforms you into an instant DJ. It allows you to mix together a set of original prepared loops to create a unique live song.

This is the first release of iMixItUp, and we have many new exciting features that will be introduced over the next months. This release includes three original songs created especially for iMixItUp by gav from New tracks will be available in future updates.

If you are interested in creating tracks for iMixItUp, check out for more details.


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