When I was contacted by the developer of this app I was a little skeptical about it, but once I’d downloaded it and played with it for a while I was actually quite surprised at how much I liked it.

iMixItUp isn’t so much an app as the beginnings of a platform for musicians to get their tracks into the iPhone in a similar way to RJDJ although with iMixItUp you don’t need to use Pd, you just need to contact the developer.

At the moment there’s only 3 tracks in the app but I found playing around with them good fun and used it for a lot longer than I expected to.

I think that iMixItUp could be a good platform if you want to get your music into iOS so take a look and get in touch with the developers at

Here’s the app’s description:

iMixItUp transforms you into an instant DJ. It allows you to mix together a set of original prepared loops to create a unique live song.

This is the first release of iMixItUp, and we have many new exciting features that will be introduced over the next months. This release includes three original songs created especially for iMixItUp by gav from New tracks will be available in future updates.

If you are interested in creating tracks for iMixItUp, check out for more details.


SynthPad for iPhone

A synth app that is inspired by the Kaossilator! Here’s the write up:

SynthPad is an instrument inspired by the interface of the Korg Kaossilator family of devices. Instead relying on piano keys to register notes, SynthPad uses a dedicated touch surface to control the sounds. Additionally the Y-Axis on the touch surface can be used to control different parameters, like filter cutoff and LFO values, making it an extremely expressive little toy.

Its sound engine is a fully programmable monophonic virtual analog synthesizer. Among its parameters one can find:

  • 2 oscillators with different wave shapes
  • Fine tuning of the second oscillator
  • Volume Envelope
  • LFO modulation
  • A Low-Pass filter
  • Filter Envelope
  • Arpeggio

Additionally, the scale and the key on the touchpad surface can also be configured, making this instrument ideal for live improvisation.


Sonorasaurus Rex 2.1 coming

More good things coming to Sonorasaurus Rex in version 2.1 which has been submitted to Apple:

  • New Deck Split Mode for mixing externally.
  • In-app mix recording in wav format.
  • Resolved the Split Mode audio bug
  • Resolved an issue where cue points were not saving properly.
  • Adjustments to the EQs.
  • Minor UI tweaks for improved usability.
  • The ability to adjust the Jog Pad to 20, 50, 80 or 100 percent sensitivity.
  • The ability to turn the Beat Blob on or off.
  • Increased performance optimization for CBR MP3s.

For version 2.2 we’re looking into other user requests such as the effect pad, adjustable pitch range and dedicated cue buttons. We will cover more in a future post. Thanks again for everyone who has been in touch giving their time and thoughts! We will let you know when 2.1 hits the App Store – hopefully within the next week.


SoundyThingie video

This app is a load of fun on your iPad, there’s no doubt about that.


Knobs for iPad

Today’s winner for unusually named synth apps for the iPad! Here’s what to expect:

Multitouch control allows you to adjust many control knobs at the same time while generating notes with the control surface. You can modify the following types of controls with the knobs.

  • Attack
  • Sustain
  • Release
  • Decay
  • Low Frequency Oscillator Rate
  • Low Frequency Oscillato Amount
  • Cutoff
  • Resonance
  • Arpeggio
  • Octaves
  • Rate
  • Arpeggio Step
  • Arpeggio Samples
  • Semitones
  • Oscillator SYNC
  • Glide
  • Oscillator 1 Volume
  • Oscillator 2 Volume
  • Wave 1 Octave
  • Wave 2 Octave
  • Modulation Destination
  • Modulation Source

Have fun experiment.


SoundYeah for iPad released

I posted on SoundYeah before and it is now released for the iPad. Here’s the app’s description:

Record sounds and play them back with various effects.

***You may experience problem saving your sound, but it will be fixed in the next update released within a week.


  • click any empty slot to record
  • record using built-in mic
  • record using headset
  • record using custom cable*
  • record from the sound played on SoundYeah
  • use the “in vol” slider to control the line-in volume, use this to avoid feedback noise.

Play (switch to control mode by the bottom left button):

  • tap to play once
  • two finger click to loop
  • three finger click to stop
  • wind clockwise to play forward (scratching!!!)
  • wind anti-clockwise to play backward
  • drag out to loop in custom speed

Control (switch to play mode by the bottom left button):

  • drag the circle to adjust the play region (can drag both end simultaneously)
  • tap to play once
  • two finger click to loop
  • three finger click to stop


  • vol slider: control volume
  • speed slider: activate loop and set speed
  • beat slider: activate beat and set beat
  • utility:

copy: copy the data in the playback envelope. The empty slot will display “paste”, the system will go back to normal in 5 seconds.
all: reset the playback region
trim: trim the clip inside the playback region, and release memory. *** The volume setting will be applied to the trimmed clip, using this trick can increase the volume infinitely.
del: delete a slot (without further warning)
– the settings will be remained when you change from edit mode to playmode


  • Sound Yeah stores 120 seconds of 32bit floating point data, at 44100 Hz.
  • (Due to the unstable performance, the memory will be adjusted to 60 seconds in the next update version)
  • Sound and slider setting saved automatically when turn off


Boss Pedal Sketch update and CDM comments

Worth checking out this post at CDM which provides some interesting insights into the app. Also, it has been updated with iOS3 incompatibility fixed.


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