What did we get and what did we wish for?

Well, it looks like some of the stuff we hoped for:

  • New iPod Touch with front and rear cameras with retina display
  • New Nano with multi-touch
  • iOS4.2 for iPad although we have to wait until November
  • New iTunes with Ping

What we didn’t get:

  • Garageband for iOS
  • New iPad
  • Nothing on GuitarJack though
  • Nothing on a new iLife or mystery app
  • AppleTV update but no apps

So, a new iPod line up, but did Apple just kill off the iPod Classic?

Update: iPod Classic still in the Apple Store.



  1. I bummed …. didn't get anything I wanted but the good news is that means more money in my pocket for apps!

    The Adruino online class was a bust for me. I lasted over an hour but it was really rushed with the obvious intent being a tease to buy the taped course so you can pause it to follow the instructions. So I'll just stick with going at my own pace follwing the wealth of online info.

  2. I think the new ipod touch also has a microphone!! Really great for Wiviband and any apps that can record sounds.

  3. Was anyone really hoping for a new iPad? It just came out like 4 or 5 months ago…

    The new iPod touch looks really great. It's too bad it takes low resolution still photos, however, unlike the iPhone.

  4. Smart moves all around. The price points will continue to ensure Apple dominates, and content will rule. Their marketing model is ensuring more long-term profits come from content (music, movies, tv shows, apps, etc). But they still make great margins on their hardware.

    Providing AppleTV with no storage and Netflix collaboration at $99 was brilliant,,and I expect to see more content moving their way. I hope my existing AppleTV will support all the new stuff with just a software update. Don't know why not….

    Thanks, Steve!!

  5. Does anybody know if the new itouch has the new style dock connector or does it have the original 30pin dock connector?

    I really hope they made it use the older one…

  6. Thanks, I might have to jump aboard the new touch if it does have the old one. Keep us all posted as I'm sure I'm not the only person to have this question.

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