Roland releases Boss Pedal Sketch for Free

Roland have released a bunch of new products today, but I couldn’t see this in their video which surprised me a bit as it looks quite good and is free!

Here’s what to expect:

Since they were launched in 1976, BOSS stompboxes have been a favorite among guitarists and bassists around the world. Their form factor has remained the same since the launch of the very first pedal, the OD-1, and they continue to be a staple in live performances and studio sessions.
BOSS Pedal Sketch is an iPhone app that allows you to enter your own BOSS stompbox settings and record sounds.

Apply effect settings!You can enter your own settings on the effect board in the app.
You can use this in any number of ways including recalling the settings for each song you will be performing or storing the settings of your favorite artists. You can also easily change the order in which your effects are connected on the board.

Store detailed knob settings!
Tap on a knob on the screen to enlarge it. You can also save your favorite knob settings.

Record sample sounds and import images!
You can record your original sounds using your iPhone’s built in microphone.
And because you can also import your photos, you can handily store photos of your live performances or your amp settings.

Search product information and listen to sample sounds!
Access detailed information on a BOSS stompbox that you’re interested in or listen to sample sounds on the linked sample site. We are sure you will find the sound you are looking for!



  1. This is modern advertising at its finest. It looks like a cool app, and people might buy their pedals because of that.

    But not me! I'm more a Electro-Harmonix guy 🙂

    I will still have a look at this app 🙂

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