I can remember a few years ago that the UMPC was the next ‘big thing’ and Microsoft were really pushing it hard. So what happened to all the UMPCs?



  1. Netbooks happened, then the iPad. Now, because of the success of the iPad, tablets are the hot new thing.

    MS has never been a trendsetter.

  2. I Just sold my viliv S5 (Terrible for Audio, 6hr Batt), and SONY UX 280P (Excellent for Audio, 2 hr Batt). The Atom in the villiv was sorry.

    My iPad can do almost everything plus.
    I can even chop samples on my iPad and Transfer them to my MPC (500) on the go.
    The reason I bought the UMPC in the first place.

    But like I said b4. If I get a Sexy, THIN WIN 7 Multi-touch Tablet with 10 hour batt, its over.

  3. UMPC was and is a cumbersome category and I don't think most consumers even knew it existed. An important part of marketing is having words that consumers can pronounce down the pub and “UMPC” wasn't it. The iDevices, however …

  4. There are some cute devices in the UMPC sector, but compromises tend to be heavy in terms of CPU etc to ensure reasonable battery life. I wouldn't say no to one, but I agree that the tablet devices are offering more promise. As Beat says above, a sexy powerful Win 7 tablet would be appreciated by many. I have no interest in investing in Android just yet -too much fragmentation and instability at the moment.

  5. Screen size is also an issue. After using that 9.7, ain't no turning back. Perfect IMO. If i'm going to use a small screen, its going to be my phone. The iP4 would kill the viliv too if it wasn't crippled.

    If Midi was integrated into music apps and better audio editors were made, the iDevice would be hard to knock, but with the Amount of midi enabled VST's I have thats already been Tried & Proven, WIN 7 TAB!

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