iSequence + MorphWiz for iPad (

Nice video from our friends of iSequence and Morphwiz on iPad.

8 responses to “iSequence + MorphWiz for iPad (”

  1. Marlene DeGrood says :

    Very Nice! It still amazes me how great the software is that we are getting for such a low cost and how high the quality is. I'm also always impressed by the audio quality in these videos and would love to know how some people are outputting there audio to record these videos.


  2. Marcus Padrini says :

    Hello Marlene, thank you! On this video I used only the iPad to record booth instruments using copy and paste functions, the audio for my video was recorded using only the Line in of my Macbook White.

    Ashley, thanks for the post again!:)


  3. Marlene DeGrood says :

    Marcus … thanks for the reply. Ok … line in to your macbook and then what did you use to record the audio? Again …. nice quality!


  4. Palm-Sounds says :

    My pleasure Marcus


  5. Marcus says :

    Marlene, iMovie recording the video and audio (from line in) while I was playing the solo.


  6. Marlene DeGrood says :

    Marcus . . . Perfect! Thank you!


  7. Beat says :

    I go line out from my iPad and line-in to my MacbokP (Audacity) or 3GS (Multitrack).

    Nice vid.


  8. Marlene DeGrood says :

    I really miss the line in port on the macbook pro. It doesn't seem that using the line out for the line in really saved that much space on the unibody design and it's a pain to have to go into prefs and change the line. Most of the time I'll just use my aging intel iMac with only 1 gig of ram for recording. I like Audacity and was curious as to what others were using. Thanks for the replys Beat and Marcus


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