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First Impressions of Seline HD

I’ve been playing with Seline HD for a few hours now, and I have to say that it is a joy to use.

Seline is a very expressive instrument app with some beautiful sounds to it and a very straightforward and easy to grasp interface.

There have been quite a few instrument apps for the iPad, some successful and some not. I would put Seline in the successful camp and for good reasons. In my opinion any good instrument app should have an interface that allows you to use it immediately but also gives you enough depth to get into the app and develop how you use it.

Seline is very playable and you can loose yourself in it quite easily, I know I did. The instruments in seline are of a very high quality, and all sound great with the interface. I’d hope to see Amidio add more over time. The drone function is great as it follows your melody on the fly. That was very impressive indeed.

There are lots of apps that say that you can make music even with no musical experience at all. That’s quite a difficult thing to judge, especially if you do have even some musical ability. However, I can see Seline easily fitting into that description as it really is effortless to use.

But just because it is so effortless don’t be fooled into thinking it is a toy. There’s a good degree of control available if you want to look for it. There are options for transpose and scale together with settings for reverb and delay etc and Seline has a record and overdub function that seems to work fine and files are exported to WAV file.

The thing that impressed me the most has been Seline’s expressive ability. Another good app from Amidio.



8 comments on “1st September poll”

1st September poll

A quick poll on what you’re hoping for from Apple’s media event on the 1st of September. Only a couple of days away, so vote now and we’ll see if we’re even close to what comes out.

Personally I’m interested in seeing a new iPod Touch with camera(s) and the possibility of an AppleTV with iOS and apps, although I’ve no idea what that would be like. I’m also interested in a new Nano although I doubt I’d get one.


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Akai’s Synthstation Ad on the back of SoS

Thanks to Syntheticbits maker of the excellent FunkBox for sending me this picture. When I last posted about the SynthStation I was starting to get a bit more hopeful, and this helps too.