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Seline arrives

Seline for the iPad has now arrived.



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Guitar Interfaces Price Comparison

As there were a few comments about price comparisons for the different interfaces I thought I’d post something with the options available.

AmpKit LiNK (made by Peavy Electronics)
As far as I can see by looking at a few US and UK retailers there’s no difference whatsoever for pricing of the AmpKit LiNK

Amazon (.COM) – $29.99
Amazon (.co.uk) – £29.99
– $29.99
Musician’s Friend
– $29.99
Dolphin Music – £29.99

iRig (IK Multimedia)
A little bit of difference with the iRig. No listing for it on Amazon UK sadly, but Dolphin have it for a reasonable price.
Amazon(.COM) – $39.99
Musician’s Friend
– $39.99
– $39.95
– $39.99
Dolphin Music – £23.84

I don’t plan to do a price comparison for the PRS Guitarbud (although it is available at Amazon) or the Griffin Guitar Connect, but if you want me to I can.

On the app side, both AmpliTube and AmpKit+ cost $19.99 (£11.99). There is a good comparison of the two in terms of what’s included at ars technica, but one thing they don’t mention is that AmpKit+ has SoundCloud export too, which is great to know. Expect more apps with SoundCloud soon.

And lastly, if you haven’t seen it already, check out the comparison video here.


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Need some Android help

I’ve finally got my old G1 running, but now I need some more help from the Android guru’s out there. My G1 is running Android 1.6 which is ok, but I’m guessing that I need to get it up to 2.0 or more, so any help or links for getting it to upgrade would be great.

Also, if anyone wants to suggest their favourite Android sites / links that would be great too.

I’m planning to post some first impressions of Android soon and maybe a  comparison between Android and iOS.


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The Daily eBay

A few things you might find useful on eBay. Starting with an old Zoom PS-02. I was looking at a friend’s one of these just the other day and couldn’t believe how small it was!

Next a QY20 which I know are quite popular.

Next a Tenori-on which is going really cheap!

And lastly a Monotron.


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Rotaphone for iPhone

A new synth app for the iPhone with a different interface.

Rotaphone is a step sequencer based off the first types of synthesizers: rotary synthesizers! In the same style as the old, watch lights roll around the wheel as your selected notes and chords make a 16-beat sequence. Also, control the tempo using the tempo slider at the bottom of the app.

Included in this first release is a triangle wave sample, which will later be one of several sample options.



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Everyday Looper PROMO Code Give Away CLOSED

The Everyday Looper competition is closed and promo codes will be going out later today. Please remember to use these as soon as possible.



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Buddha Machine updated

Didn’t expect to see an update to Buddha machine. It adds Sleep Timer and multi-tasking for iOS4, allowing Buddha Machine to play in background.



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PocketAmp update

PocketAmp has been updated and now has a redesigned reverb effect.



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Anyone having problems with Vimeo running on the blog?

I’ve had a report of problems with vimeo videos not working on the blog. Anyone having trouble with these then please let me know.


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More rumours for the 1st of September

I liked this shot of a potential new iPod Nano. How small can it get? Personally I’m still hoping for the new Touch and AppleTV stuff. Although the article at MacRumours suggests there might even be an iPod Touch with 3G data access too! That’d be different.