GyroSynth for the iPhone 4

This first music app to use the iPhone 4’s gyroscope. I wonder if others will follow? CreativeApplications wrote about this a while ago and now it is available on the app store. Nice looking interface too,

GyroSynth is a music synthesizer for the iPhone 4, which takes full adventage of the gyroscope. You can play and modulate the sound by moving your hand through the air – just like the legendary Theremin instrument.

GyroSynth makes use of the gyroscope to measure true roll, pitch, and yaw and translates them to sound parameters like pitch, volume, modulation or filter cutoff. Thanks to phenomenal accuracy (2000 degrees), you can play melodies perfectly in tune.


  • 3 types of oscillator: vocal (formant synthesizer), sine wave and square (PWM modulation)
  • Several control modes
  • Delay effect
  • Included musical scales allow you to effortlessly play in several styles


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