Audioforge update

Audioforge gets an update and now has zoom in waveform in selection mode.



  1. It's ok but buggy.

    This is what I want.

    When I put my finger on the middle of the wav form, thats where I want it to start playing.

    When I put my finger on the middle of the wav form and Drag it to the right, This is where I want my Selection to begin.

    The current controls are a Pain in The ASS.

    Use Soundforge and check out what i'm saying.

  2. Beat,

    I understand you are looking for a different feel.
    I have actually played around with the settings that you suggest and could not get a consistent experience. Sometimes the select and drag would work to open a selection box, sometimes it would just make the waveform scroll away.
    The way it is right now, you double tap at the upper waveform for the start of the selection and at the lower waveform for the end of the selection box. Then move it to exactly where you want it.

    Same with the problem of putting the finger where you want to play. The experience was not consistent.
    As it is right now (and I am not entirely happy with that either) is that you can move the scrub slider in the filters screen to where you want the play action to start, and then hit play and it starts from there. For some reason this is harder to do than I thought it would to sync this with the selection screen and have it happen there too.

    I hope you can get used to the way it currently works but am enjoying the feedback. The more feedback the better as it gets my creative juices going.

    If you want to get your feedback get more weight in my development process, make sure to post on my site as I keep very close tabs of things there and try to accommodate all request (!)


  3. I can confirm what Tibor is talking about. I am a beta tester for the application, and since you can place you finger anywhere then drag to scroll, it didn't make sense to make a selection with the same action. It is really easy to select what you want by placing the start marker with a double top on top, and then the end marker with a double tap on bottom, once you have them placed your can grab the edges easily and fine tune the location by moving around. Functionality was in where you could double tap the top and then drag which would place a start marker, and give you a hold of the end marker, but unfortunately had to be removed, for zoom (I think) to work properly, lets hope that feature comes back 🙂

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