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SoundPrism Cadences



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Seline quick tutorial


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M3000 Videos

I love this one!



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If you could have one app, what would it be?

We’ve had Rebirth and the iElectribe, but what classic synth or drum machine or other music making hardware (or software for that matter) would you want to emulated in an app (iPhone / iPad or Android).


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Audioforge update

Audioforge gets an update and now has zoom in waveform in selection mode.



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Tek Kit HD update

Tek Kit HD gets a good update today. Here’s what’s new:

  • More Effects,
  • Swing Function,
  • Master Reverb,
  • Master Distortion,
  • Three Band EQ,
  • More Crossfader Modes,
  • Massive Sample Library,
  • Full Sequencing Capabilities,
  • Multiple Tracks and an Updated User Interface.



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Xenon coming to the iPad

Xenon the excellent synth sequencer app is also coming to the iPad soon as a universal binary.



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Everyday Looper 1.2 arrived and PROMO Code Give Away

Everyday Looper 1.2 arrives with great new features and I have 10 promo codes to give away for it too! In order to enter the competition all you have to do is answer this question.

“How many tracks does Everyday Looper have?”

Email your answer to palmsounds.comp@me.com by 6pm GMT 27th of August.

Please remember that promo codes only work in the US version of the iTunes account.

Here’s what’s new in Everyday Looper 1.2.

Audio latency compensation
You will not have any excuse for being offbeat anymore. Precision is under the millisecond.

Sonoma and General/Intua Pasteboard
You can copy from and paste to Everyday Looper. Nice for making a beat in Beatmaker (or hopefully soon NanoStudio) and layering tracks over it in Everyday Looper for example.

Mute function
More powerful that it seems at first glance because it’s quantizable to loop (as recording is). In the above picture, you can see that Track 3 is muted and will be unmuted on next loop, whereas Track 4 is unmuted and will be muted on next loop. Nice for toggling between a verse track and a chorus track, while keeping your hands free for recording another track at the same time.

iOS 4 and iPhone 4 compatibility
Everyday Looper will now continue to play in the background, if your device supports it. You can then use another music app for jamming on top of your loop. Fast app switching, retina display support and nicer anti-aliased waveforms come in the compatibility package too.



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GyroSynth for the iPhone 4

This first music app to use the iPhone 4’s gyroscope. I wonder if others will follow? CreativeApplications wrote about this a while ago and now it is available on the app store. Nice looking interface too,

GyroSynth is a music synthesizer for the iPhone 4, which takes full adventage of the gyroscope. You can play and modulate the sound by moving your hand through the air – just like the legendary Theremin instrument.

GyroSynth makes use of the gyroscope to measure true roll, pitch, and yaw and translates them to sound parameters like pitch, volume, modulation or filter cutoff. Thanks to phenomenal accuracy (2000 degrees), you can play melodies perfectly in tune.


  • 3 types of oscillator: vocal (formant synthesizer), sine wave and square (PWM modulation)
  • Several control modes
  • Delay effect
  • Included musical scales allow you to effortlessly play in several styles



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MusicTech Focus Mastering V2 update

This app has had a small update with a new user interface, contents, and user bookmarks.

I’m never sure if these kind of apps are useful or not, if anyone’s used one please let me know.