Pierre’s thoughts on Rytmik

As I don’t own a DSi I can’t check this out, but Pierre has commented in his thoughts so I thought I’d post them for anyone taking a look at Rytmik:

I just downloaded Rytmik and it’s a whole lot of fun. It’s pretty straightforward. The app comes with a ton of pre-made sequences that you can drop in, but the fun starts when you create your own.

Each four-bar loop has four tracks, which can be shared between any instrument or rhythm sample. Each track can be panned in the stereo field and each sample can be tuned either by hand or using a built-in keyboard for lead lines (which have to be entered on the grid rather then played live).

There are a lot of drum samples to choose from, as well as lead sounds and percussion sounds. You can layer up to four tracks of loops to create a pretty dense sound.

I’ve only played with it for about a half hour but it’s all pretty self-explanatory and accessible. It’s 800 DSiWare points (or $8 US dollars for me), but it’s a very solid piece of software and I’m very happy with it so far! 

Thanks Pierre, let us know more when you’ve played with it for a while. If anyone else has tried it and wants to give some feedback please do get in touch.


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