iPad Guitar

This looks like a great iPad guitar set up. Details:

Testing out my new toy…

I made this iPad Guitar from bits and pieces from my local hardware store.
I’ve seen the other iPad Guitar on youtube by VJFranzK and it’s pretty slick, but I wanted more of a guitar shape to my build. All I need to do now is add a mini mixer on the end with tweak-able fx knobs then it’d be great for a live setup, the possibilities!

This is the setup here:
Thumbjam app.
2 x iPod Touch’s into mixing desk output to soundcard.
iPad into line in on my PodXT Live guitar fx pedal (doubles as a soundcard).
iPod Nano on the end for down the neck view.

In my Multitracker for iPad (guitar) I’ve loaded a big sounding distortion using PodFarm 2 vst plugin. In ThumbJam the instrument is simply clean notes recorded from a Fender Strat. The iPod Touch’s use (synthesized) orchestra notes recorded from my Roland RS5 keyboard. The sound from the iPad is recorded to my multitracker on my pc but uses a combination of sounds, vst fx (distortion) from PodFarm2 & wah sound + further distortion from the fx pedal board. The sound from the iPod touch’s are recorded in ThumbJam and exported into the multitracker for syncing up.




  1. Sorry, but this looks like an extreme case of more money than talent. Maybe if he plays his cards right, he'll wind up on CNN.com like that “iPad DJ” that keeps popping up.

  2. Yeah, we are getting into this one-button music stuff as being a blessing and a curse. For us musicians that know how to play, this stuff is a cursed joke. For the blessed “others”, at least they are having fun acting like they know how to play!

  3. Its still one of the better “ipad guitars” I've seen to this date.

    But as a long time playing guitarist, I always feel envy when I hear scales being played so fast with no efforts needed 🙂

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