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AmpKit and AmpKit+

Agile Partners have updated their blog about their 2 new AmpKit apps, one of which is free, and the other, the ‘+’ version comes with 3 amps, 4 cabinets and 8 pedals.

Both have an in-app store for additional amps, pedals, and mics, up to a total of 12 amps with 20 distinct amp channels, 13 cabinets, 16 pedals, and 8 microphones.

AmpKit includes recording capabilities, and creates both “dry” (guitar signal before effects are applied) and “wet” (guitar signal with effects applied) recordings. This enables another key feature of AmpKit: re-amping, where you can take a recording and re-record it using a completely different amp and pedal setup. Once you’ve made a recording, you can upload it to your computer, email it to a friend, or post it directly to SoundCloud.



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TouchOSC update

TouchOSC gets a small update to include retina display and a bug fix.



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2nd Rytmik Contest

The 2nd Rytmik for the DSi contest runs until the 30th of September.


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iMac Touch?

A few sites have picked up on this today and it set me thinking about a ‘touch’ based iMac. Mashable’s gets very excited in their post on the subject by the possibility of having an iMac which can switch from OSX to iOS depending on an accelerometer based trigger.

I can understand the touch based tablets, iPads etc. But somehow a desktop computer that swivels into a tablet seems like it could be a hindrance in some cases. I can’t see a 27″ iMac swiveling easily and working well like that.

Perhaps on smaller screen hardware it would work well, but as yet I’m not entirely convinced. Apple do patent a lot of stuff, and not all of it sees the light of day. I seem to remember them patenting a desktop computer where you could slide in a tablet to sync it. I don’t think that’s ever arrived, but perhaps in the not too distant future a real implementation of multi-touch will work on the desktop.

What do you think?


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Michael’s Top 10 Apps

Good to do a top 10 again, it has been way too long. Today’s top 10 is from Michael Lumb:

  1. NanoStudio
  2. JR Hexatome
  3. Aurora Sound Studio
  4. Argon
  5. NLog
  6. Mixtikl
  7. Jasuto Pro
  8. FiRe
  9. Beatmaker
  10. SunVox

If you’d like to share your top 10 iPhone or iPad apps then just get in touch the normal way.


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Tiltshift Generator Free version

I’ve been using this app on my 3G for ages and it is a great photo app. If you’ve not tried it before now you can get the free version to try out.



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Seline HD

The forthcoming iPad release from Amidio.



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iPad Guitar

This looks like a great iPad guitar set up. Details:

Testing out my new toy…

I made this iPad Guitar from bits and pieces from my local hardware store.
I’ve seen the other iPad Guitar on youtube by VJFranzK and it’s pretty slick, but I wanted more of a guitar shape to my build. All I need to do now is add a mini mixer on the end with tweak-able fx knobs then it’d be great for a live setup, the possibilities!

This is the setup here:
Thumbjam app.
2 x iPod Touch’s into mixing desk output to soundcard.
iPad into line in on my PodXT Live guitar fx pedal (doubles as a soundcard).
iPod Nano on the end for down the neck view.

In my Multitracker for iPad (guitar) I’ve loaded a big sounding distortion using PodFarm 2 vst plugin. In ThumbJam the instrument is simply clean notes recorded from a Fender Strat. The iPod Touch’s use (synthesized) orchestra notes recorded from my Roland RS5 keyboard. The sound from the iPad is recorded to my multitracker on my pc but uses a combination of sounds, vst fx (distortion) from PodFarm2 & wah sound + further distortion from the fx pedal board. The sound from the iPod touch’s are recorded in ThumbJam and exported into the multitracker for syncing up.



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Mugician video

I know that there have been differing views of this app, but this video aims to get you to see that it will have you making music in a very different way.



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Backline Calc from Audiofile Engineering

I’ve been meaning to post about this app for days now and always missed it. So today I thought I’d bring it to your attention.

Backline Calc is now totally free and supported by iAd!!!!

Backline Calc is a full-featured musical calculator built exclusively for iPhone and iPod touch, brought to you by the minds at Audiofile Engineering. Combining powerful, elegant and uncluttered audio utilities with unparalleled technical support, Audiofile Engineering is one of the most innovative and experienced audio software developers for Mac OS X and the revolutionary iPhone.

Backline Calc is an indispensable utility for engineers, musicians, music students and teachers, producers, DJs, video and broadcast engineers and live sound engineers. Backline Calc is iAd-supported and contains 23 easy-to-use calculators.

Really worth checking out.