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Please don’t forget to vote in the OS usage poll. Whilst the results aren’t a complete surprise I’m pleased to see some Palm OS creeping in, and I’m especially intrigued to know what the ‘other’ operating systems are. If you ticked that box please leave a comment on what OS it is.


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  1. “Other” in my case, and I suspect other otherists' as well, is MacOS 7–9. 7.1 runs beautifully on my Zaurus under Basilisk, though without sound; and on the music side there are various vintage MIDI apps from the first golden age of Mac musicware that I still use and which won't run properly in the Classic environment. (The Intelligent Music apps by David Zicarelli and his colleagues are particularly unsuperseded; UpBeat is still my favourite music app ever. And anyone remember OvalTune?) And then there's the Palm conduits that need booting in 9…

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