LG says their new tablet is better than the iPad

AppleInsider has this post on a new tablet coming from LG which they claim is better than the iPad. Well you wouldn’t expect them to say it was worse would you?

The interesting thing that LG claims is that their “tablet will focus on allowing users to create documents, programs and videos“. Now that does sound good to me.



  1. I want a Windows 7 Tablet with 10 hour Battery Life. I don't care about making Programs, because I have a ton of Touch Screen Ready VST's, Wave Editors That can't be touched like SoundForge. Sequencers like JJOS and best of all….MIDI and Protools.

    I would throw my iPad in the Trash.

  2. Like Icepulse above says, this is all talk and no action from these johnny come latelys.

    If the CEO has to announce their new initiative to “spend more on R&D” then they have clearly been asleep at the wheel. Add to this the addition of, what did he say, 10 different new smart phones? Good luck with all that LG…

    And by the way, I create TONS of stuff on my iPad. I make full songs using multiple DAW/synth/effects/drum machine apps, I create visual artwork only limited by my own drawing/painting skill, I edit photos using Filterstorm which is like Photoshop Lite, and I create full color documents and do word processing using Pages. Other iPad users do the same.

    I think LG must have someone on payroll who reads all the chatter online about iPad being a “consumption device” and they actually believed it.

  3. Agree with the comments about creating content on the iPad, me too although I haven't used it for docs as yet.

    I guess the thing that interested me was the ability to use it for code in some way like I used to make little apps on my old Treo 650. That would be fun.

  4. Yes, music and graphics are forms of content that the iPad is pretty good, sometimes amazing, for creating on; it's just everything else that's rubbish. Word processing is particularly badly served; there's not a single app that can even create footnotes (and only one that I'm aware of, Docs to Go, that can display them at all). Every time I read a blurb for a new writing app telling me proudly that what I want is a no-frills writing environment with none of those annoying distractions like features and functionality we all hate so much in our existing software (which is clearly on a hiding to nowhere in its misguided strategy of letting us actually see and edit what's in our own documents) I want to box the developer's ears.

    It'll all change in time, but I've been really struck by the way that, despite treating the iPad from day one as a serious productivity tool, the majority of work use I get from it is as a passive, content-consumption device, and most of the active stuff is very low-level (knocking out e-mails and the like). The one major exception is OmniGraffle, which is a really serious workhorse. But there we're into graphics again.

  5. @anonymous

    It looks like most people have just awaken to the fact that tablets exists and are available (I've been using them for over 10 years).

    Those same people still don't know that there are many tablet models from many manufacturer to choose from (unfortunately, most of them are pricey, but you can find used ones for much less).

    The first IBM Thinkpad was a tablet, in 1992. This is usually what I say to people who thinks Apple invented tablets.

    But I like how Apple is forcing the other manufacturers to come up with sub-500$ tablets.

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