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Smartphone Manufacturers Urged to Focus on 7 Core Apps

When I saw the title of this post at Brighthand I was ready to get annoyed as I expected the ‘7 Core Apps’ to exclude music making applications. However, the 7 are:

  • email
  • games
  • social networking
  • instant messaging
  • mapping & directions
  • music & radio
  • weather

So, no. 6 on the list and in with radio too. Still, music is there in the 7 ‘core’ apps. My guess is that for most manufacturers music won’t mean music making but will be focused on player apps and connecting to services like Spotify etc.

However, having said all that, it is a step in the right direction. I think so anyway.


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SoundThingie for iPad

A couple of great videos of this app via Matrixsynth.



0 comments on “Bleep!Box offering Promo Codes for Reviews”

Bleep!Box offering Promo Codes for Reviews

If you’re not a Bleep!Box user and are interested in a code then click here. Bleep!Box is interested in your honest review on the app store in exchange for a code.



2 comments on “Win a Concretedog Handmade Synth!”

Win a Concretedog Handmade Synth!

A while back you might remember these videos of a handmade synth from Concretedog. Well, now you’ve got the chance to win it for yourself!

To enter the competition all you need to do is submit a track that you’ve made with a handheld device. It could be made on your iPhone, or iPad, it could be made with an old Palm OS device or Windows mobile, or anything that qualifies it as handheld really.

Ideally I’d like to see tracks go into the SoundCloud Handheld Music Group, but if you can’t put in there for a really good reason then let me know where it is. The competition starts now, and will end on the 13th of September, which is 3 weeks to get your tracks in.

When your track is in the SoundCloud Handheld Music Group just send it to me so I know it is for the competition.

The winning track will be a combination of the best track / the most interesting / unusual mobile set up, and will of course will the synth.


4 comments on “PinkNoize video”

PinkNoize video

A little video of PinkNoize running on my iPad. Nice little FX app.



6 comments on “New features coming to DXi FM Synth”

New features coming to DXi FM Synth

Some nice new features coming to this app.



15 comments on “So where is BeatMaker 2?”

So where is BeatMaker 2?

I seem to remember Intua talking about a summer launch for BeatMaker 2 and then following up with an iPad version, but where are they? Even 1 would be good, but no signs as yet.

Anyone know more? I did have a poke around the Intua forum but didn’t find much new there except people asking this question too.



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More Seline teasing

Hopefully not too long to wait for the latest app to come from Amidio, and their first iPad app too.



2 comments on “Pattern Music is now free”

Pattern Music is now free

Firstly, thanks Adrian to all the people who emailed and contacted me in other ways to say that this was free.

If you don’t know Pattern Music then you really owe it to yourself to check it out and see what it’s like. It has a lot of depth and you use to make some great compositions.

And if you like it then try out the also free iPad version.



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The Daily eBay

Another batch of stuff you might find useful or irresistible from eBay. To start off with a rare VL-5 which is a bit grubby but I’m sure could be fine with a clean up.

Following the VL theme a very rare VL-10. Very collectible, but that’s about it.

Next a Zoom PS-04 going relatively cheap at the moment although I know it isn’t everyone’s choice of hardware 4 track.

Next one iRig going for £48.99 and another iRig for £45.

Lastly an electroplankton cart and a DS-10 cart.