Did I miss something?

I noticed this 4 track recorder today. Nothing out of the ordinary at all there. The I noticed the price. $14.99 for a fairly basic 4 track! Is it me. Did I miss something? You can by FourTrack or MultiTrack for less and they have way more functionality, or even GigDaddy that had a price drop yesterday.

So what would make you buy this for $14.99?



  1. Have you seen/heard of 'HammerHard'? It's been reduced from £19.99 to £18.49 (again)?!? What a bargain..! An app trying to make money of the back of another app (Hammerhead – one for the win95 junkies!). There are others…(search 'technobox')

    Apple actually scrutinise every single app and take 30% of the app cost; It's detritus like this (and all the 1000s of 'radio' apps) that dilute AppStore and just serve to bolster profits

    I'm not into censorship etc but some kind of quality control/app pricing limits should be imposed. Fair price for decent software

    For example, NanoStudio is worth £8.99; it's by no means perfect but reality check; Akai's effort is *very* poor and not worth a tenth of that price but Akai sell *because* it's 'Akai'; not down to the quality of the product (in this case)

    Don't get me wrong. I love AppStore for all of the bizarre things I can find but i somewhat fear for Google's more lax policy…I am concerned that indie developers like myself making our software recognised without massive marketing budgets but blogs, such as this one, helps to serve positively

    There are some great “small fish making it in a large pond” stories but the pond is getting bigger and the water is getting polluted

    Anyone who doesn't have AppMiner should get it right now and monitor what goes on each day…

    FWIW, I (currently) do not write music apps nor do I write only for iThingies ™ 😉


  2. Has anyone of you silly asses thought about the fact that a music- or DJ app usually will not get more than 2000-4000 downloads a year? Calculate 500-1000 hours of work than you know yourself how much it normally must cost…peace.


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