Akai SynthStation (lack of) update

Another week goes by and another check to see what (if anything) is happening with the fabled Akai SynthStation25 Keyboard.

Akai’s announcement of their SDK was great news and I’m beginning to hear rumours that the hardware could turn up next month. So here’s another round up of retailers to see when the thing might appear.

DolphinMusic in the UK has changed the availability status of the Akai SynthStation to “CALL FOR AVAILABILITY”. The price quoteed is still £79.99 which is something.

Musician’s Friend in the US still has the Akai SynthStation25 listed as available from the 28th of September. The price remains at $99.

And lastly Music123 also have the Akai SynthStation25 as available from the 28th of September at $99. No change there then.

So, not a huge amount of news on the SynthStation25 at present, but perhaps some more hope that it might be seen in September.

I am sure that at least part of the delay is due to Apple’s change in the pinouts for the iPhone 4 which must have caused a lot of discussion at Akai.

Whilst they did get the SynthStation app out and now are offering the SDK, will developers want to incorporate it without actually seeing the hardware for real, and is Line6’s MIDI Mobilizer more of an option at the moment simply because it actually exists!

Let’s see where it goes. I’ll check again next week. As ever, if you have any news or info on this then please let me know.


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