4 comments on “Sonoma responds on comments on their interface chart”

Sonoma responds on comments on their interface chart

Dug Wright, President of Sonoma Wire Works responded to the comments on their interface comparison chart. Here’s what he had to say:

Yeah, we didn’t make a cheap adapter. We’re a small company and GuitarJack is our first hardware product. We’re making small runs in the US, not China, so the price point reflects the higher cost of making it this way. With the percentage for the dealer and distributor, there isn’t much left over. Probably less than other units on this chart!

If you compare GuitarJack with the iRig, realize that iRig is a plastic case with a single layer board with only 11 analog components on it. You can build one yourself from parts at RadioShack.

GuitarJack is in a machined aluminum case with a 4 layer board with over 100 analog and digital components to switch inputs, set levels and communicate to the software.

Of course we plan to make one compatible with the iPad and iPhone 4. The specs to do that weren’t released until the week after the iPhone 4 launched. We are working on it as fast as we can.


Douglas Wright, President
Sonoma Wire Works

I don’t often re-post comments, but I felt that this one was worth it for everyone to see. Thanks to Sonoma for responding.


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Do you know what’s new in Touch the Wave?

I know that the app has been updated but I’ve no clue as to what’s new as it is in Japanese. Anyone know?



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DP Control update

MOTU’s DP Control app gets an update:

  • Select the play chunk in the Settings view
  • Exclude tracks from the Mixer view by closing track folders in the Tracks view
  • Check connection status without breaking the connection
  • No more ten second wait for the Tracks and Mixer views to update after using the “Save” button
  • Minor bug fixes



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Track Made in NanoStudio

Not a bad example of what can be done in NanoStudio.



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iTabla Pro update

I only just got a copy of this app and I’m planning to write a review of it soon. It’s been updated. Here’s what’s new:

  • NEW: iTablaPro now can continue to play in the background on iOS4 (newer iPhone & iPod Touch models only) – behaviour controlled via new setting on Settings page
  • NEW: Added preset for raag Asavari
  • NEW: Added ability to play with other audio such as iPod or other music apps
  • FIXED: The app would sometimes lose sound when resuming from being backgrounded
  • FIXED: Some of the settings were not being saved on the iPhone & iPod devices



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SoundPrism and Morphwiz




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SoundCloud Creative Commons Page

Useful stuff on the increasing integration between SoundCloud and Creative Commons. Via Hypebot.


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The Daily eBay

Another collection of useful stuff on eBay today starting off with a Roland PMA-5. Haven’t seen one of these in quite a while.

Next an iRig which is going quite cheap at the moment.

A Line 6 MIDI Mobilizer, again, going quite cheaply at the moment.

And a Monotron.


1 comment on “A new Palm/HP device coming?”

A new Palm/HP device coming?

Mobilecrunch writes about the possibility of a new webOS device from HP(Palm). Sounds quite plausible, but when I read this my first thought was, will it turn out to be another Palm ‘Foleo” incident. Something that could sound like a great idea and then just turn out to be a waste of time.

I hope that HP can turn Palm into the mobile company they used to be, but as yet I’m unconvinced.


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Mirasol Display Bridges the gap between Tablet and eReader

From this picture it looks like Qualcomm’s new Mirasol display could be what a lot of people are look for. According to the Gadgetlab post we shouldn’t expect to see it until next year, but I’m sure there are lots of manufacturers with this kind of technology on their roadmap.