Google / Verizon Tablet coming

Mashable has this post on a tablet being made by Google and Verizon running Google’s Chrome OS. This coupled with Googe’s own Chrome app store could be very interesting and could draw developers to Chrome as Google will only be charging 5% against Apple’s 30%.

I have to admit that whilst I’ve heard about Chrome I don’t know enough about it to understand what it or this tablet might mean for mobile music, so anyone who knows more, please comment.


  1. From what I understand it's essentially the Chrome Browser. Whatever you can do in the Chrome Browser you'll be able to do in ChromeOS. I don't think local storage is encouraged which will likely limit (or perhaps inspire) creative endeavour.

  2. Posts like the first one make me angry…

    Chrome OS is a Debian Linux based OS (try Wikipedia…) and it will do so much more than just a browser!

    Sure, Google want everyone to use 'the cloud' for documents etc but do you honestly think they will miss out on the cash cow that is AppStore?!? (There was an article a couple of days ago about them approaching AAA game companies…)

    With the 5% charge (instead of 30% take from Apple) imposed by Google, I'm sure we're gonna see all kinds of stuff; music or otherwise

  3. I'm not sure I get why it makes you angry though?

    My question about whether it will be good for music or not was a genuine one. I hope that it does attract developers and that they make some great stuff for music.

  4. “From what I understand it's essentially the Chrome Browser” is the bit of misinformation that encourages resentment

    Your question is entirely valid.
    Obviously, it will all depend on the SDK, the T&Cs etc but I think it'll be a bit hit for music. Think uberAndroid! I can't wait

    But you may also want to have a look here:

    Axon tablet that can run OSX, Windows or Linux…hmmm, nice!

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